Environmental Impact: Community Farms, Garden Preservation and Solar Energy

This program focuses on beautification of our environment, reducing carbon footprints, recycling and solar renewable energy, which are concerns for any project that My Brothers Keeper Service Center of Georgia participates in or implements.

Green space and wildlife conservation are also key in maintaining a healthy environment and people.

Our program areas include:

  • Bee pollination
  • Plant and tree conservation
  • Green spaces for wildlife conservation
  • Gardening
  • Recycling
  • Renewable energy through solar and other emerging smart energy systems

Renewable Solar Energy

My Brothers Keeper Service Center of Georgia strives to pursue opportunities which will positively impact individuals their health and well being, as well as initiatives that improve the quality of life for our communities and globally. The use of solar energy and solar technology provide an abundance of clean renewable energy while lessening existing carbon footprints. Areas of interest include:

  • STEM educational initiatives
  • Solar energy for personal use
  • Solar energy for communication devices and to improve emergency and disaster preparedness
  • Solar energy to improve national security by providing energy for periods of power outage and blackouts

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