K-9 and Therapy Dog Assistance Program

Our K-9 Therapy and Service Dog Program provides K-9 assistance to those in need of a service companion, including individuals with disabilities and law enforcement agencies.

We participate in a selective breeding program which provide two types of K-9’s:

1. K-9 Assistance- typically German Shepherds raised and donated to law enforcement agencies at no cost to taxpayers. This program enables law enforcement agencies to have access to essential K-9’s to improve community and officer safety. Residents who participate in the A Place to Call Home residential program are asked to participate in the placement of the puppies. This creates a “win-win” for the residents and the recipients and law enforcement agencies.

2. Therapy or service K-9’s for the following individuals (typically Golden Retrievers or shelter dogs suited for work):

  • Therapy dogs for hospitals and individuals in need of social visitations
  • PTSD- Service dogs for veterans and emergency service personnel
  • Medical assistance companions
  • Medical detection companions

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