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My Brother’s Keeper Service Center of Georgia, Inc. is a nurse driven
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which originated in Georgia.

We believe we are our brothers and sisters keeper, and it is our responsibility to look out for those who are struggling and are in need of support and resources to improve their lives.

The purpose of the nonprofit is to identify problems, address critical needs and implement solutions which will improve the quality of life for individuals and families experiencing hardship as a result of these unmet existing needs. Our programs include:

Historical Preservation: Our goal is to preserve history when possible. It is our desire to work with projects which can re-purpose buildings and spaces which are neglected and abandoned. This often saves valuable time and resources which can be applied in other ways.

Health and Wellness: Our priorities include programs designed to help individuals with brain health and cognitive impairment, which are reasons that many individuals and families experience hardship.

Residential Living – A Place to Call Home: Our residential living programs to provide safe and secure homes and living situations for individuals who need basic shelter.

Emergency Food Assistance – Our Food Pantry program will provides emergency food assistance to impact hunger within the U.S.

Education and Community Resource Center: Education is a key element. Our programs will provide a variety of life skills development from interpersonal skills to seeking employment.

K-9 and Therapy Dog Assistance Program: Provides K-9 assistance to those in need of a service companion, including individuals with disabilities and law enforcement agencies.

Environmental impact – Community Farms and Garden: Preservation of the land and beautification of our environment through suburban agriculture-community gardening and farming.

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